About Us

A little bit of background

The Lifecast Studio has a reputation for meeting challenging deadlines, working for high profile productions, as well as smaller scale features, shorts, music videos, commercials, art & dance and much more.

We have an expert crew available for Creature FX, Props, Lifecasting services, Mould making, Fabrication, Prosthetic FX, Animatronic FX & the most recent addition – 3D scanning and printing.

We have supported various productions’ Art departments, Stunt departments, VFX, Costume & Makeup for any need they require. We highly enjoy a challenge & working on projects which break boundaries and where we are forced to explore new techniques to complete a shoot.


Our work most recently includes; ‘The Secret Service, Yonderland and Kick Ass 2’, Lifecasting services for ‘The King’s Speech, Jack & the Giant Slayer, Prometheus and Trance’, and bespoke mannequin services for lead cast members of ‘Thor 2 and Batman:The Dark Knight Rises’ and Warner Bros Promotional Tours.

Lifecast LTD is based at Elstree Film & TV Studios – Borehamwood. This unusually is a family business, consisting of John Schoonraad – Creative Director, Tristan Schoonraad – Workshop Supervisor & Director of Life3D (3D Scanning/Printing) Robin Schoonraad – Workshop Supervisor & Lifecast have most recently been joined by John’s youngest son Max as a fulltime mould maker.



John’s career has spanned over 35 years. He has supervised on such films as Kick Ass, Gladiator, Saving Private Ryan, Rambo IV, Black Hawk Down, Beyond Borders, The Wolfman, Troy and many more, creating excellent quality of realism on prosthetics props & makeup, and practical effects.

Whilst here at Elstree Lifecast have been involved with such films as X:Men-First class as big part of the design team for “The Beast,” and many main stream UK based and International TV clients.

John started his career working on films such as The Dark Crystal, The Flintstones, Never Ending Story, The Muppets & Storyteller with Henson’s creature shop & such classics as Farscape, Indiana Jones & the Temple of Doom, Star Wars IV and many more.



Tristan’s career in SFX started when he was just aged 15 & has now been working in the film industry for 25years, taking him across the globe to film to almost every continent. Tristan developed some ground breaking moulding techniques at the renound WETA studios in New Zeland. Tristan’s career does not stay within the realms of film. His contemporary art has been gaining countless accolades & fame since his break into the industry with “Boy Soldier” – displaying outside Parliament, album covers & Kick Ass 2 (Evil Lair) & galleries across the UK & globally. “SCHOONY”‘s solo show debuted at “The Ivy” in 2013.

Life3D’s scanning & 3D printing has been a heavy feature in Lifecast’s work since it’s launch in 2013. Tristan has used this new leap in technology to produce pieces for Paloma Faith, HRH Prince Edward (Earl of Wessex) and several of the principal actors & stuntmen for “The Secret Service” for various prosthetic fx & costume needs here at Lifecast.



Robin has held key positions in several workshops for numerous high profile features & TV dramas. His career spans over 20 years, and his most recent work includes the critically acclaimed award winning “Gravity,” Game of Thrones Season 3 & Disney’s latest franchise currently filming. His other credits include Harry Potter films, Batman Begins, World War Z, War Horse & The Last Samurai. Robin has supervised many projects whilst here at Lifecast as well as being one of our key sculptors along with Tristan.

Robin’s two sons we hope one day will join the family business, to continue the generations of Schoonraad men working on acclaimed features, creating fantastical creatures & prosthetic fx for years to follow.



Max’s interest in the family business stemmed at a young age, from watching his parents and older brothers in the workshop. He joined the line of Schoonraad’s in SFX at age 16, with Kick Ass 2 being his first credit.

Since then, Max has worked on many films and television programmes, including “Kingsman: The Secret Service” and the “Yonderland” series as a full time mould maker.