SFX Props / Hire or Purchase

At Lifecast, we are able to supply a wide range of bodies, stunt dummies, limbs, organs & blood & guts for film effects. Some of these will be stock items that can be bought or hired, or we are of course able to custom make any of the above for a specific order.


We also supply a wide variety of props which are used as they are, as instillation items and as safe replicas for stunts. Here are some of our  items. We supply props in a range of materials best suited to your requirements at competitive prices.



The picture content below may be considered visually upsetting to some, so please view at your own discretion. None of these pieces are real. All are made of synthetic materials, but with a photo-realistic finish.

Please  scroll down to view.




Our silicone limbs are frequently used for SFX stunts, in films such as Kick-Ass, Saving Private Ryan, Rambo and many more. The ones shown just above were used for “The Last Enemy” – TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch- for an injection scene.

Lifecast can also provide bespoke mannequinns for your costume department from Lifecastcasts or Lazer Cut Foam forms. Lifecast can also resculpt areas of the mannequins should your actor/actress have gone through bodily changes throughout filming.
Lifecast have most recently provided the mannequins for Prometheus, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises world premier tour, Jack & the Giant Slayer & Thor 2 (Currently in Production.)