At Lifecast, we are able to supply a wide range of bodies, stunt dummies, limbs, organs & blood & guts for film effects. Some of these will be stock items that can be bought or hired, or we are of course able to custom make any of the above for a specific order.
We also supply a wide variety of props which are used as they are, in live action, and as safe replicas for stunts. Here are some of our items. We supply props in a range of materials best suited to your requirements at competitive prices.

Our silicone limbs are frequently used for SFX stunts, in films such as Kick-Ass2, Saving Private Ryan, Rambo and many more.

For all of our props for hire, if returned in the same condition as hired, your makeup artist may apply blood, and any other make-up if required.

Lifecast can also provide bespoke mannequinns for your costume department from Lifecastcasts or 3d Prints. Lifecast can also resculpt areas of the mannequins should your actor/actress have gone through bodily changes throughout filming.

Lifecast have most recently provided the mannequins for Prometheus, Batman: The Dark Knight Rises world premier tour, Jack & the Giant Slayer & Thor 2.

Tattoo and Prosthetic Appliance Supply

Lifecast are able to supply prosthetic moulds for bondo and silicone, and ready to apply prosthetics to Makeup Designers.

Lifecast also can provide bespoke tattoo transfers for your use at competitive prices.

Lifecast are happy to sculpt any prosthetic needed bespoke to a makeup designer’s requirements.

Please enquire for pricing.






Stunt Hire

Lifecast have been providing stunt dummies, stunt weapons, and stunt safe protection for many years.

Our stunt dummies are made to suit your specific scene – be it lightweight, heavy duty, fireproof, crash test and many more.

We are able to adapt our stunt dummies to match an established actor.

Our dummies can be articulated, pose able or without either, and we are able to make any age, race, and pose from either a Lifecast or existing mould.




Our stunt safe weapons can be made in a huge variety of materials for your needs. Our weapons can be used to attach to plates for SFX scenes – “plant-ons”, for action stunts, or for lightweight replicas for extras/actors. We have a large stock of moulds, or would be happy to mould a prop from your art dept as a bespoke replica.

Our firegloves/masks and stunt safe protection have been used for some of the industry’s most respected stunt co-ordinators, including Jimmy O’Dee, Buster Reeves, Tina Maskall (Stunt double to Judi Dench) and for some of the world’s best loved films/TV shows including Kick Ass 2, The Borgias, The Bond Films, and many more…




Our silicone organs are durable and can be made in any degree of softness as required by your scene.

They are anatomically correct and can be artworked to any degree for your purposes – i.e. deseased, preserved, charred etc…

Our organs can be made to be animatronic, or cable controlled, to scale or larger scale.

Bodies/ Anatomy

Our silicone bodies are available to rent or purchase. They are most commonly used for set dressing but we are happy to adapt them for autopsy, stunt & trauma sequences.

We can make you bespoke or generic anatomy and corpses for your requirements.

Our bodies can be made lightweight, or heavy for water scenes, firesafe, can be articulated & poseable.

All bodies can be art-worked to your specific requirements in terms of race, time deceased, circumstance deceased, and trauma.

Please feel free to enquire to your specific needs.

Prosthetic Babies

Our babies are a popular replacement for actors.
Our babies are primarily made to be very soft for realistic movement. Our babies have been used in shows such as Call the Midwife, Breathless, Eastenders, Trollied and many more. They are used for birthing scenes and stunt scenes most frequently. We can attach umbilical chords, if required.


This baby has been used frequently for birth scenes, and scenes requiring stunts with a small baby.





This baby has the option for a breathable chest. It is operated by hand very easily using air pressure and the chest moves up and down controlled by the operator’s movement.




This baby has the option of a “crying face” or a sleeping face, and as been used in commercials such as Very and Home & Away Hotels.