Lifecast Body Simulation

Lifecast Body Simulation


Introducing a step change in realism for the medical training industry. Lifecast Body Simulation based in Elstree Film Studios London is developing a range of highly accurate and lifelike “bodies” which will transform the way Medical training is both delivered and absorbed. Designed and produced in Great Britain to the highest quality, the range currently includes a newborn baby, a toddler, child, young adult & older adult. We were the centre stage body company for the 2017 SMACC conference – building a bespoke body for the #WheresLeah? event. We are a proud to be working with SynDaver on new joint projects.

With a wide range of ethnicity options, please explore the website at for more information.


Newborn Simulator Baby - LBS

LBS Toddler at Association for Simulated Practice in Healthcare (ASPIH)

BBC's The Big Life Fix (2018) - Lifelike slicone mask for Alex